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[in-ep-trep-id] / ɪn’ɛpttrɛpɪd




To explore and create new worlds and stories.



To try, even if you aren’t an expert, because it’s important.



To realise that you may fail, but doing it anyway.



in(ep)trepid is a company committed to making immersive

and interactive pieces of site specific theatre. Incorporating space and audience participation they aim to create work that gives the viewer a feeling of being directly involved and even a sense of control of the situations before them.

Formed in 2013 by Artistic Director Liam Fleming, the company had it's first major showcase at Harts Lane Studios between the 5th and 8th of February 2014. Two short pieces of new writing: ‘Father for Justice’ by Mark Wakeman and ‘Dearly Departed’ by Liam Fleming.

"Deeply authentic performances"

"Enjoyable and very Moving"

Artistic Director Liam Fleming

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